President's Reports

President’s Report July 2023

July marks the beginning of the second half of the year and much has happened,  with more opportunities and challenges to come to be sure. This past month has seen much activity and accomplishments that include:

  • A successful 1st Annual Golf Tournament fundraiser that netted $10,000, with 91 golfers and key sponsors who stepped up in support of our mission programs. Thanks to Bryan Branson,  Bob Dutko, and the event volunteers for a great result!
  • Participation in the best turnout yet for the Florence Township Patriots Day parade and subsequent fireworks festivities that drew thousands and realized $600 in Township and attendee donations
  • Featured sole sponsor for a JerseyMan/PhillyMan Magazine business networking event at the Burlington County Country Club that promoted our children’s book and private label wine offerings. Approximately $200 in donations were realized, including some book transactions
  • A Diversity Day mobile event at the Amazon center in Florence where we have been pledged $500 and an opportunity to promote our organization and possibly gain more volunteer interest in AFHM
  • Two award distinctions that were bestowed upon our leadership,  namely for Gen Bob Dutko as “Patriot of the Year” from the Hamilton Knights of Columbus,  and myself as a medal recipient from the NJ Governor’s Office on Volunteerism
  • The forming of a Lawrence House project strategy committee to look at future plans and exhibit options that will target its display focus, flow, while increasing public interest. This effort is being led by Rich Hill 


With the above activities and more in play we must press on to ensure the participation and success of the remaining mobile event schedule that ensues with the Burlington County Farm Fair,  Delran Night Out, Springfield Community Day, and the Marine Corps birthday in November to name a few.

Additionally we must reinvigorate our “Saturday Speakers Series” that will drive visitors to the BCHS campus and Lawrence House museum. This should be a priority initiative beginning in August and extending through the end of the year, including courtyard demonstrations, re-enactments, and outside displays(weather permitting). Early and aggressive marketing/promoting of any such scheduled events is imperative to optimize their success.

Also upcoming is our annual dinner on November 4th so mark your calendars accordingly and plan to support it with your attendance and sponsorship solicitations as may be available for each of you to pursue and contribute. 

All the best for the summer to you and your families to stay strong and, “Don’t Give Up the Ship!”…


Respectfully submitted,


Roy Plummer, President AFHM