President's Reports

President’s Report November 18, 2022

NOVEMBER 18, 2022


President Report

As we begin to close out 2022, we have much to be proud of. We have realized a tremendous amount of success this entire year. The Mobile Museum has provided the largest amount of revenue in history, the opening of the Captain James Lawrence House was a huge success, and the 11th Annual Dinner was well attended and profitable. These accomplishments are a result of a tremendous “Team Effort”, and I am extremely proud of all the volunteers who stepped up to make this happen.

To reward our members for their continued support we will conduct our final meeting on December 16, 2022, at O’Connor’s Restaurant in the Lower Dining Room starting at 11 AM. The lunch will be complementary for our members and their guest as a token of our appreciation for the time and effort they put forth during the past year. There will be a short meeting and then we enjoy a delicious buffet.  Members must respond to the email Bob Vonbargen will be putting out so we can provide a count to Patrick O’Connor by December 10, 2022.

On October 29th we had a very successful dinner at O’Connor’s Restaurant. I wish to acknowledge the work Marc Iroff and the committee provided to make the evening a most enjoyable event. David Jost once again provided a very entertaining production that captivated the audience. Unfortunately, David will be moving to Delaware but will continue as a Life Member of the AFHM and will participate whenever possible. Best of Luck David, you will be missed.

November being Veterans month has kept the organization busy. On November 10th we were able to attend the Ewing Seniors Veterans Day Luncheon. Ron Hathaway, Rich Hill, two members of the Ewing Patriotic committee and I wore our Military uniforms and were honored with the playing of the service songs. The Ewing Senior Dancers dressed in Patriotic attire provided a beautiful dance to honor all veterans in attendance. Mayor Bert Steinmann spoke, and I was able to address the group. I also place information about the AFHM and my business cards on each table in the room. I was also able to show the Greatest Generations video and the My America song. The group provided the AFHM with donations.

On the same day Bryan Branson and Roy Plummer towed the Mobile Museum to Philadelphia to participate in the 247th Birthday of the United States Marine Corps. It was a vey long day and other members of the AFHM participated by attending. Ron Hathaway performed double duty as he attended after the lunch in Ewing Township and was well received by so many people in attendance. Bryan Branson once again exercised his dynamic personality with the Philadelphia Police and earned an escort in darkness of the evening to the bridge heading to New Jersey. A significant amount of donations was provided by the attendees. The organization is planning to attend again in 2023.

On November 14,2022, the Executive Committee conducted a Financial Review meeting arranged by Bob Vonbargen to review Revenue and Expenditures encountered during 2022 to date. Thanks to the software program introduced by Don Cammus to the AFHM earlier this year we were able to establish categories and targets to establish a Budget for 2023. The Budget will be presented prior to the end of this year for approval. This budget will serve as a baseline product to develop a Strategic Plan to support the activities of the AFHM.

Next week we by gathering with our friends and families to celebrate Thanksgiving. We are very fortunate to have had a successful year and we should express our thanks to the Lord for watching over us and allowing us to enjoy our accomplishments. Be Well and Stay Safe and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

                                                                                                Respectfully Submitted


                                                                                                Robert S. Dutko, Sr.

                                                                                                AFHM President