President's Reports

President’s Report September 16, 2022

September 16, 2022

President Report

We are now in month nine of 2022 and we have accomplished a fantastic number of accomplishments and made several new contacts. September has been very busy and will continue to accelerate as we prepare for the 11th Annual Dinner. Now we must direct our total effort to inviting our friends to attend the dinner and continue to solicit Ads and Boosters for the Journal.

On September 9th Roy Plummer, Marvel Carrol and I attended the Burlington County Historical Society Roundtable event at the main building on the campus of the Burlington County Historical Society. It was an informative event as they discussed several options for inventory and cataloging of artifacts. In relation to that info, Don Cammus has developed an Inventory Program and has already began entering several items at the Lawrence House. Other discussion was of general nature and all the people present were volunteers with their respective organization. Roy Plummer arranged for the lunch and afterwards several people toured the Lawrence House and provided laudatory comments to the work that has been accomplished to date and we experienced a reasonable amount of donations.

On August 29th the Mobile Museum was at Lake Juliana for a fishing event sponsored by Vito Cardinale. It was a great event provided for Veterans and Handicapped persons. All the food was free and there were Veterans organizations present. Rich Hill had his Military Vehicle there and provided rides to several individuals. Roy’s friend Bill Nenerer from Lancaster PA, towed the trailer for the first time and did a fantastic job.

On Sunday September 11th the Mobile Museum was at the Mission Barbeque for a special event. We were treated very well and made several new contacts. Roy, Sandy, Bryan, Bob Smyth, George San Roman and I attended the event. After setup I traveled to Cherry Hill to participate in a Rotary Flag for Heroes event. I gave a speech along with the Mayor of Cherry Hill and the Chief of Police.

On September 11th, Bryan and I attended a Birdies for the Brave meeting for an event that we will participate in on October 18, 2022. There will be a Golf Outing sponsored by the PGA at the Jasna Polana Country Club. We attended in 2021 and it was a great event, and we experienced a significant amount of donations.

On September 13, we conducted an Annual Dinner meeting at Joe & Joanne’s home. We were provided with a wonderful dinner and dessert provided by Marc Iroff. I reported on the progress of attendees and receipts of the Ads for the Journal. We all agreed we need to put forth a maximum effort to soliciting people to come to the dinner. We will be making personal contact with our members encouraging then to attend and participate with the Journal in some form.

Bryan Branson and I will be visiting the 108th Refueling Wing at the Joint Base on Tuesday, September 13, 2022. The purpose is to review artifacts that are stored at the logistics building that were removed from the Lou Vocino Heritage Center when it was closed. Perhaps there will be some items we can use at the Lawrence House.

On Saturday, September 17th Roy and Bryan will be at the Hamilton Elks Car Show. Marvel and I will cover the Lawrence House. We need help in scheduling people to work at the Lawrence House so please reach out to Roy Plummer and schedule a few hours on a Saturday. We have decided not to open on Sundays until there is more activity at the museum.

On September 25th we will be participating in the Springfield Community Day with the Mobile Museum. It will be a long day and we need some volunteers to support this event. Please contact Roy or Bryan and let them know when you can spend a few hours at the site.

On September 29th we will be celebrating the Birthday of Captain Lawrence at 459 High Street in Burlington, New Jersey at 11;30 AM. A cake will be provided and some light refreshments. This event will be conducted in coordination with the Burlington County Historical Society.

On September 30th Bryan and I will be at the Lawrenceville Museum with the Mobile Museum. There will be a massive car show with many automobiles. We visited the site on Monday to determine where we will be set up. Here again if you have a few hours to spare please contact Bryan for the details.

On October 12, 2022, I will be attending the New Jersey State Preservation Awards program at the Sanctuary in Ewing Township New Jersey. Roy Plummer has submitted a resume and perhaps we will obtain another award. Roy Plummer and Bryan will be at the Bordentown Elks Expo event.

On October 15th we will be participating in the Bristol community day. In Bristol PA. We participated in this event last year and it attracts several veterans and military minded people.

On October 18th, Bryan and I will be participating in the Birdies for the Brave Golf Event with the Mobile Museum on display. This was a great donation event, and we hope to do well again this year.

I wish to thank all the committee chairpersons and volunteers for the outstanding support you are providing. Your efforts are truly appreciated.

Bob Vonbargen has had a medical procedure performed and is recovering adequately but is still restricted from traveling. He continues to work on several projects from home. Please send Bod an email or card wishing a speedy recovery. Mick Shanklin is also still on the mend so keep both gentlemen in your thoughts and prayers. BE Well and Stay Safe.

                                                                        Respectfully Submitted

                                                                        Robert S. Dutko, SR., President AFHM