President's Reports

President’s Report May 19, 2022

May 19, 2022

President Report

The organization has been heavily involved with the preparation for the Official opening of the Lawrence House on June 12, 2022. A cadre of volunteers headed up by Roy Plummer and Bryan Branson have been heavily engaged in setting up exhibits for display. The Revolutionary War Exhibit is installed, and it is a professional display of the actions of the events that took place during the conflict. Colin Zimmerman and rich Hill have been heavily involved with the Revolutionary War, Civil War, World War I, World War II and Gold Star Exhibits. There have been several other individuals who are interested in our organization appearing on the site and offering their services. Roy Plummer will be supplying a full report on the progress at the Lawrence House.

The Mobile Museum was deployed on Saturday, April 23, 2022, to the American Legion in Pemberton, New Jersey. The Woods and Water organization was conducting a fund raiser for the benefit of veterans. We were engaged in a conversation with the Past Chairman f the Disabled Veterans organization who was very interested in what we are doing. He and his wife established membership in the AFHM. We also met Jim Diamond who has a collection of military vehicles. He lives near the American Legion, and he brought a Jeep and placed it on display. We formed a friendship with him, and he will be supplying vehicles for our events in the future.

Bryan Branson continues to perform maintenance on the Mini Mo, and we will be at the Bordentown Street Fair on May 21 & 22, 2022. This is a fantastic event, and we will feature Magic Mike again to entertain the children. We will need support for both days so please come out and work the event.

Marc Iroff is doing an excellent job with the Annual Dinner scheduled for October 29, 2022, at O’Connor’s restaurant. The solicitation documents are completed and ready for distribution. All our membership must get behind this event as it is our largest fundraiser to support the operation of the AFHM. Contact your friends and invite them to the dinner and ask for advertisement for the Ad Journal. We are fortunate as the inside front cover, inside back cover and back cover are already committed. It would help if everyone could ask for boosters for the journal at $10.00 a booster and Ads for the Journal staring immediately. Thanks to Joanne & Joe Tilghman for continuing to offer their home and refreshments for the meetings.

All the committees continue to give excellent reports for the meeting. We will be heavily engaged now that the Lawrence House is about to open. Keep in mind that this will create a need to staff the facility as we plan to be open on weekends. So please consider volunteering some time to staff the facility for as much time that you can devote. Roy Plummer is the point of contact so coordinate with him when you can spend time at the Lawrence House.

Keep in mind that with the use of the Lawrence House there will be added expenses involved. This will require extensive budget planning and increased monetary support form our members, Officers and Board of Directors. So, I am requesting everyone to consider making added donations to the AFHM to support the organization. We will be convening a Finance Committee meeting to complete a budget and project required resources to support the AFHM soon.

We conducted a meeting with the Burlington Count Historical Society President and Executive Director on May 12, 2022. The purpose of the meeting was to review the Agreement we had signed to ensure we were following the content of use. We also discussed the Official opening of the Lawrence House in detail and covered the use of added facilities at the main complex. They are still bound to perform added maintenance on the facility, and they supplied projected timeframes for the work to be completed. They are being very cooperative and very pleased that we are partnering with them and delighted with the work that is being accomplished.

On June 11, 2022, we will be conducting a Preview of the Lawrence House for a select group of potential donors. Invitations will be sent to individuals that may help supply the resources needed to support the museum. Stay tuned as more information is forthcoming.

On May 14, 2022, several our members attended an awards dinner at the Hamilton Benevolent Protective Order of Elks Lodge 2262. Roy Plummer was presented the Outstanding Citizen of the Year Award. Congratulations Roy on this well-deserved recognition, we are proud of your accomplishments.

On June 12, 2022, Bryan Branson is being Recognized by the Knights of Columbus at a dinner to be conducted at the Mercer County Mercer Oaks Golf Course at 4 PM. We realize it is the same day as the opening, but we will have representation at the event to support Bryan. Congratulations Bryan on this well-deserved recognition.

I wish to acknowledge the outstanding effort the Town & Country Diner is supplying to facilitate our meetings. The facility is an excellent venue for our meetings and service is outstanding. A special Thanks to Bryan Branson for coordinating this task with the diner. It was nice that Mick Shanklin was able to attend our meeting last month as he continues to progress nicely with his rehabilitation. Please continue to keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

 In closing, please remember all the men and woman who made the ultimate sacrifice that allows us to enjoy the freedoms we have. Memorial Day is on May 30, 2022, so please take time out to honor all those brave individuals by attending ceremonies or just offering a prayer on their behalf. Be Well and Stay Safe.

                                                                                                                                                                                    Respectfully Submitted, Robert S. Dutko. Sr, AFHM President