President's Reports

June’s Presidents Note

This month we are back at the Deerwood Country Club for our in-person meeting and lunch. We are announcing our meetings as a Membership Meeting, hopping to increase attendance and generate interest in the organization. Today’s meeting, we will be introducing new guests that we are networking with to improve the visibility of the AFHM. Our volunteers have been remarkably busy during the past weeks supporting the Mobile Museum and coordinating exciting new initiatives. Thanks to everyone for dedicating their time and effort to move us forward.

On June 2, 2021, the Executive Committee met at the Town and Country Diner, Bordentown, New jersey. We reviewed the membership program, discussed establishing an account at the Investors Bank, status of the Lawrence House, Display units for the Revolutionary War exhibit, review of the Caddis Art progress, new business cards, the Living History Program, the Annual Dinner and a new initiative, Something to Say Media Productions and their TV studio located in Princeton, New Jersey. Discussion on these items will be conducted at this meeting. At the meeting Joanne Tilghman volunteered to assume the duties of the Treasurer effective Jul 1, 2021. Joanne possesses a tremendous amount of experience in this area as she previously held this position in the past. Thank You Joanne for taking on this responsibility.

On June 8, 2021, a few members of the Executive Committee visited the TV studio that Nick Mellis has access to and it is perfect for online and virtual TV interviews and production. We are excited about this initiative and are eager to utilize the facility to promote the organization. Roy Plummer introduced us to Nick, and we initially met on April 27, 2021, and he described what he can contribute to our organization. We appreciate his enthusiasm and willingness to move us forward.

Matt Wick continues to monitor the scheduling of the Mobile Museum and provides info for announcements for posting on Facebook. Bryan has the Mini Mo in great shape and continues to tow the vehicle when necessary. On May 26, 2021, the Mobile Museum was on display at the Rotary Lunch, at O’Connor’s Restaurant. And the attendees were impressed with the unit and very generous with donations. Bryan negotiated a fundraiser with Pat O’Connor to sponsor a Military Day and they will donate 5% of the receipts for the day. The event is scheduled for July 2, 2021. More information to follow. On July 10, 2021, we will be participating in a parade and fireworks in Florence, New Jersey. We will need a lot of support for this event, please let Roy and Bryan if anyone is available to work the evening schedule.

On June 9, 2021, I met with the National Guard Family Readiness Council and briefed them on our organization and coordinate participation in the Birdies for the Braves golf outing. The event will be held on October 18, 2021, at Jasna Polana Golf Club. We will meet on June 30, 2021, to coordinate the location of the Mini Mo. The NGFRC was established in 2002 as a 501c (3) organization to provide support to service and family members in need when they are mobilized. During this time frame they have dispersed $2 million dollars in grants to individuals. I will keep everyone informed as we move forward.

On June 10, 2021, I participate in the NJ History and Historic Preservation Conference webinar. It was an interesting session evaluating the present state of cities and how they will function in the future. It provided a forecast of the future, but it did not provide any significant information pertaining to our organization.

Marc Iroff and Roy Plummer continue to generate new initiatives to generate interest and secure funding for the organization. Marc continues to provide Sandy with inputs to improve the website. Roy has secured grants to support the Revolutionary War exhibits and continues to remain active with the Bordentown Chamber seeking networking opportunities. The efforts they are putting forth is deeply appreciated.

Work is being accomplished at the Lawrence House on the sewer and water lines. I requested an update but have not heard back yet. Bob Vonbargen visited the facility and gave us a report at the Executive Committee meeting.

Sandy Conville continues to maintain communication with Caddis Art to ensure actions are completed to move our website and social media program forward. We will hear more from Sandy in her report today.

A special thanks to Mick Shanklin for handling the financial business of the organization while continuing to function as the Secretary.

Oren Carrol continues his journey to recovery at home. However, he visited Deborah and they felt he needed to improve his blood level. He went to Virtua to have the treatment and had a mild seizure and is presently in ICU. Please keep him in your prayers and consider sending him a Get-Well card at home.

I wish to express my sincere appreciation to all our Officers, Board of Directors and members that are volunteering their time to support the organization. Be Well and Stay Safe.

Respectfully Submitted

Robert Dutko, SR.

President AFHM