President's Reports

February Presidents Report

February 19,2021

As we witness significant changes with the Covid-19 virus the Armed Forces Heritage Museum continues to execute the Living History Program and continue planning for the remainder of this year. Bob Vonbargen continues the excellent serialization program posted on the Facebook page to make people aware of the outstanding service of veterans who have served our nation with distinction.

We have made some changes in leadership rolls since our last meeting. Marc Iroff has been elected as the Chairman of the Board. Marc is a bright forward-thinking individual who I am certain will share his expertise in moving the AFHM forward. Thank You Marc for the outstanding work you provided as the Secretary and the timely distribution of the meeting minutes. Mick Shanklin will be assuming the duties of the Secretary position.

We have decided to establish the position of Executive Director and Roy Plummer has been appointed to fill that position. Roy did an outstanding job as Chairman of the Board for several years and is professionally qualified to accept the responsibility of the Executive Director. Roy will be responsible for overseeing the administration, programs and strategic planning of the organization, fundraising, budget preparation, marketing and community outreach. This position will be an important element in managing the operation at the Lawrence House.

Sandy Conville, Joanne Tilghman and Oren Carrol are managing the Membership Committee in an excellent fashion. They have submitted renewal notices to members for their dues contribution and several members have made payment for continued membership. They will continue to review the Life Membership Program and assist Oren Carrol with Thank You letters, certificates and pins for individuals who enroll in this newly established program.

Sandy Conville and Bob Vonbargen are maintaining constant communications with CaddisArt on the Social Media Program and revising the Web Site. We had a ZOOM meeting with Laurie, Kym and Bob Blanda on Tuesday, February 16, 2021 to coordinate actions to promote the AFHM. There has been a significant change to the Web Site, and I encourage everyone to visit it. Also, if you have recommendations forward them to Sandy Conville and she will work with Laurie to make the changes.

Matt Wick has assumed the responsibility for scheduling the Mini Mo for events during 2021. He is in the process of reviewing past events and contacting organizations to determine their plans for this year. Bryan Branson and Oren Carrol continue to manage the Mini Mo to ensure it is ready to deploy to coming events.

Mick Shanklin continues to perform the duties as assistant Treasurer to Oren Carrol. Oren is recuperating from his medical condition but continues to provide excellent service to the AFHM.

I wish to acknowledge the work that Roy Plummer is doing to obtain resources for the AFHM. Through his efforts we have received a $10,000.00 grant from Burlington County to be utilized to promote the Revolutionary War Project. There will be space provided at the Lawrence House to establish displays which will facilitate this initiative.

Please keep Nora Riley, Oren Carrol in your thought and prayers as they continue to receive treatment for their medical conditions and a speedy recovery. Let us hope that 2021 will allow us to return to some form of normalcy and we can participate in local community events allowing us to accomplish the mission of the AFHM. Be Well and Stay Safe.

Respectfully Submitted


Robert S Dutko SR.

AFHM President