On This Date December 27,1782- Final skirmishes of the Revolutinary War

December 27, 1782 – While the Siege of Yorktown and surrender by Cornwallis is considered
the last major conflict on American soil during the American Revolution, dozens of small
engagements and skirmishes took place up to the signing of the Treaty of Paris. The last conflict
took place on the Jersey Shore in 1782.

December 27, 1782 – One of the American Revolution’s last skirmishes was fought on this date
at Cedar Bridge, Ocean County. Forces for the new republic led by Captains Richard Shreve
and Edward Thomas were informed that notorious Loyalist John Bacon was in the vicinity of the
local tavern. They engaged Bacon and his Loyalist bandits (known now as “Refugees”) at Cedar
Bridge. A brief exchange of gunfire took place, and Bacon and his men were able to escape.
One Patriot was killed, and four were wounded. Four Loyalists were wounded, including Bacon

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